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We are with you, offering a wide range of Technical, Constructional, Financial, and Accounting Services. We also provide Real Estate Management Services, assistance with the Golden Visa Program, as well as services on Affiliate Activities.

15+ Years of Experience

CONSULT BMC provides unparalleled services in the industry, completing multiple projects in the public and private sectors. Nikolaos Boni, Founder, and Architectural Engineer of NTUA (National Technical University of Athens), who works in perfect coordination with his team of specialists, has made tremendous contributions, owing to more than 15 years of experience in the field.

Awards & Certifications

In order to be able to provide you with quality and certified services, we have been certified with ISO ISO :9001:2015/1807/ISO9019070493 for all the services we provide.

Complete & Professional Solutions in Real Estate Management

Company Profile

The company B.M.C. I.K.E. was founded in Rhodes in 2016, aiming to offer high quality services and innovation in the fields of environmental project management, operational organization of technical studies and financial evaluations, investment programs, and also in the field of real estate management and development.

With the 15 years of experience of the Founder of B.M.C. Nikolaos Bonni, Architect of Engineering in E.M.P., but also with the expertise and knowledge of its executives and with the use of high-tech tools and innovative ideas, the company wishes to help you at every step of the business effort, providing excellent and efficient solutions and projects, both in the private and public sectors. 

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Our goal is to offer comprehensive packages of solutions and proposals: Knowledge, Reliability, Collaboration

The main axes of our action are the high level of knowledge our colleagues have and the continuous training we provide them. Combined with the excellent collaborative atmosphere, we seek to be creative, pioneering, flexible and adaptable to the ever-changing market conditions. Our concern is for our customers and partners to have prompt and friendly service. In addition, to grow their trust our new digital environment. Finally, we wish for our customers to discover our ability to offer full packages with solutions and proposals. Through innovation, we manage to embrace and integrate knowledge, experience, and access to our services. This is achieved in a wider environment beyond the limits of our headquarters.

The Vision Of Our Company

New formations, adaptation to digital environment technology

Today we are already experiencing the fourth industrial revolution with all that this entails.

This means that the world is already at a unique historical juncture that causes everything to change. The economic and monetary system, trade, science, technology, sustainable cities, artificial intelligence and robotics, blockchain technology, renewable energy RES, new environmental regulations and more, bring about a revision to the methods we have operated until now.

UNWTO, SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS, the World Health Organization & the World Economic Forum, are tasked with researching and evaluating the implications for the development and sustainability of future architectural practices.

We for our part, as designers, builders, and asset managers, wish to provide solutions. High technology is revolutionizing architectural design, which allows us to make long-lasting contributions.

Checks, certifications and approvals of operating signals will broaden their scope and obtain a different nature. Therefore, environmental regulations may also have to change. After all, on a global scale, there is already an effort of embodiment and integration of these new methods to all building structures of each use, in order to re-establish environmental regulations, with the aim to incorporate new guidelines for safety and hygiene.

This will now be a prerequisite for the development of a new design philosophy. Technology will provide solutions and we need to be prepared and to train properly. The ecological footprint in the design and construction of future buildings and residential buldings of any size and use must be a basic principle in each structure.

We embrace the power of technical innovation, offering practical and state-of-the-art solutions. Our goal is to inspire and improve the lives of the people inhabiting and interacting with the spaces we create, both in design and by satisfying corporate needs.

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Complete & Professional Solutions in Real Estate Management

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Broad Network of Partners

We are a centre that provides services in various fiels that are relevant with each other, all aiming in your full satisfaction.

Prompt Service

Our goal is your prompt and immediate service. We are here to offer you a proposal and a solution tailored to your needs in just one working day.

Specialized and High Technology

Our company is certified with ISO: 9001:2015/1807ISO9019070493 so that it can offer you the best services available.

Αφοσιωμένοι στο να Προσφέρουμε το Καλύτερο!

Η ομάδα Μας

We are here for you since the August of 2016.

Με το μήνυμα: «A world of Integrated services belong to you», (Ένας κόσμος ολοκληρωμένων υπηρεσιών σας ανήκει). 

We are chasing certifications, academic titles, masters and seminars in our field of expertise in organizations in Greece and abroad.

Our team is comprised from a growing team with personnel of deep knowledge in each fields and partners in every field that we offer services and solutions. 

We are working by offering holistic services with excellent quality and personal approach through our customer service. 

We complete our job, our responsibilities and we cover your needs by setting as our priority your growth plans.

We are evolving daily and upgrading constantly our products and services by investing in our training, education and information as the contemporary era and the technological evolutions require in strategic innovation fields. 

Our actions in general have as main goal our interventions to consist environmental paradigm. 

We develop programs and application with responsibility that will have as main goal the maintenance or creation of a better world for us and for the future generations. 

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