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Since 2016, BMC offers high quality and innovative services in the fields of technical studies, environmental project management, business organization, financial purpose resolution and construction projects in all areas of property capitalization.

The experience, the expertise and the deep knowledge of our executives and partners are the key points when it come to the assistance we provide our clients with at every step of their business effort, offering excellent and effective solutions.

We complete and deliver studies, as well as investment and construction projects, both in the private and public sectors.

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Real Estate Management

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technical services

Technical Services

Technical Services

Η τέχνη του μηχανικού βασίζεται στην μελέτη, το σχεδιασμό και την καινοτομία με σκοπό την υλοποίηση, την εφαρμογή και την κατασκευή. Πηγή έμπνευσης είναι η σκέψη για δημιουργία, με όραμα την εξέλιξη και την βιωσιμότητα των έργων. Η τεχνολογία και η τέχνη είναι εργαλεία στη σκέψη του Έλληνα Μηχανικού. Όλα τα υλοποιημένα δομημένα στοιχεία που βλέπουμε γύρω μας ή ανολοκλήρωτα σε μελέτες, αποτυπώνουν και καταγράφουν, στιγμές γνώσης και έμπνευσης.

Contracting - Renovations For Private Projects

Κατασκευαστικό Τμήμα: Κατασκευές & Εργολαβίες

We take full responsibility for the designing of a project until it is fully completed. Our experience, technology, and passion for learning new techniques guarantee the full design, construction, remodeling, and decoration of any project, no matter its size. Our goal is to construct buildings of high quality and aesthetics, in combination with the best prices available.

Financial Services

Financial Services

Today we are through a period when the value of money and of investments require knowledge in order to predict the right moves and make the appropriate handling. Our goal is to understand your needs and provide you with our consulting services, Our tools are the consant update of the new developing programs, and we also take care of the support of your business.

Accounting Services

Λογιστικό Τμήμα

ConsultBMC collaborates with Accounting experts and professionals, who have a great experience. Our success is based on the high quality of our services, which is proved by the great development the companies that collaborate with us have. We provide you with full accounting services and quality information on accounting, taking into consideration your needs.

Real Estate Management

Real Estate Management

In Real Estate Management, we submit real estate that you trust us with and that are properties in Greek or abroad. Our main goal is to check the legal part of all the papers, so as to be ready for the use you want, always aiming at the best promotion of your properties.

Specialized Services

Specialized Services

Each company is a special "alive body". The company's needs, in many cases, develop constantly and that requires technical, innovative, financial, and leading solutions. In our new digital environment, we provide you with full responsibility for our services, where our experienced staff and partners are there to help you. We are always ready to help you, understanding the value of your time and the value of the full completion of the project.

Public Projects' Contractors

Public Projects' Contractors

ConsultBMC is a Contracting Technical Company, with a financial basis and experienced technical staff who have contemporary equipment and organizing skills. Until today, we have positive feedback mainly in the private sector, but also in the public one, and that was the main factor that drove us to claim a leading role in participating in Public Projects.

Legal Suport

Legal Suport

At CONSULT BMC SOLE SHAREHOLDER CO. I.K.E. our multidisciplinary team of specialized Lawyers, accredited Mediators, and our Insolvency Administrator are continuously on the frontline of legal and consulting services, covering practically all areas of law and effectively protecting our client interests.

Complete & Professional Solutions in Real Estate Management

Why To Choose Us

Broad Network of Partners

We are a centre that provides services in various fiels that are relevant with each other, all aiming in your full satisfaction.

Prompt Service

Our goal is your prompt and immediate service. We are here to offer you a proposal and a solution tailored to your needs in just one working day.

Specialized and High Technology

Our company is certified with ISO: 9001:2015/1807ISO9019070493 so that it can offer you the best services available.


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