Scientific training and updating are continuous in areas of our objects so that we have a worthy representation of our scientific work. After all, despite the different specialties, we have the principle of coordinating and working together for the same purpose.

The main areas we staff and operate are mainly the Consulting, Legal, Technical and Construction sectors below:
- Licenses
- Architectural Designs
- Electromechanical
- Topographic
- Environmental Studies
- Static Vulnerability Studies
- Subjects to Arbitrage Regulations
- PEA energy studies
- Real Estate Appraisals
- Security Technicians
- Legal coverage
- Real estate surveys
- Accounting Services
- Business Plans
- Business Administration
- Real Estate and Hotel Management
- Construction sector.

Our services are custom made: We immediately adapt to the customer needs and develop the best solutions.

But our Dynamics doesn't stop here, it just starts from this point.
We study when we are asked, when we see the prospect or when we think we have a solution.
We search when the goal they set for us, when we foresee benefit, when we consider proposing a complete project.
We innovate collaborating with third parties when the applications of the knowledge have a common purpose, when our studies are substantiated.
Impressive is the fact that our studies are characterized by their innovation and they are the result of the documented research we carry out, always based on sustainability, the orders of our investors and the trends of the era.